Budget Travel for Budget Travellers, by Budget Travellers

In the last month of 2016, we quit our jobs and sold 90% of our material possessions, in exchange for an adventure of continuous worldwide travel. Armed with one-way tickets, new backpacks, and multiple bottles of factor 50 sun-screen, it was time to turn our dreams into plans.

The dream we both shared to work, earn and travel came into existence over two years ago, when we decided that there is never any time better than the present to go out an explore our big, wide world. Together and separately, the previous adventures we’d undertaken had ignited a sense of wanderlust that no 9 to 5 job could completely replace.

We aren’t two high flying earners with piles of savings tucked away, we are just two ordinary people on a backpackers budget wanting to see what opportunities the world has in store for us.

So far this adventure has taken us across several Southeast Asian countries, and we plan to keep adding up our passport stamps until we run out of pages. We run a blog detailing snippets of our travels with sections covering reviews, tips and advice. Our vlog is updated regularly with videos of things we’ve been up to.

We hope this site helps inspire others to take the leap and book a flight ticket or find unique places to visit on your next trip, without your wallet taking a beating.

Peace + plane tickets ✈